Evgeniy Zimin, President of the National Scouting Association

February 04, 2014

Dear friends!

Welcome to the official website of the National Scouting Association

Scouting has a solid foundation in Russia. This foundation was laid in the 1990s when the NHL clubs started employing Russian scouts. 
With the setup of the KHL Central Scouting Bureau and establishment of the Hockey Draft procedure Russian scouting entered a new stage. The Bureau gave scouting a major impetus and prompted KHL clubs to consider the issue in earnest.

Finally, with the intention of raising Russian scouting to a new level and extending it to the pro area, we, as independent scouts, created and launched the first private scouting project in Russia - the National Scouting Association.   

The company was set up in November 2013. We are a private independent scouting association, whose primary focus is to follow junior prospects of various ages and provide hockey clubs, Russian Ice Hockey Federation, and other hockey organizations with the necessary information for building junior, senior and national teams. 

The Association provides scouting coverage in the whole of Russia, in CIS and European countries, as well as in North America.
We are always open to cooperation.   

So, let us start!

Evgeniy Zimin
Merited Master of Sport of the USSR
Two-time Olympic Champion
President of the National Scouting Association