Code of Ethics

The National Scouting Association members strongly believe in principles of professional ethics and strictly follow them in their work. These principles ensure that the customer receives reliable, objective and exclusive information in a timely manner.

  • We believe that lack of personal integrity and bias could be the most harmful to the Association and its clients since the product would no longer be up to the mark.

All members of the Association shall act conscientiously and in good faith to the benefit of the company in order to provide reliable and objective information.

  • We believe that disclosure of business information or its individual use by members of the Association in their own purposes is intolerable, as it infringes upon the commercial interests of the clients of the Association.

All members of the Association shall provide for confidentiality of the business information, in order to guarantee its exclusivity to the customers.

  • We also believe that poor quality of services is often caused by incompetent staff

All members of the Association constantly improve quality standards and only engage in those activities that they have enough expertise for to guarantee adequate quality of the services to the customers of the Association.